Enter the Gatsby Mansion


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Opium Evolution

You are cordially invited to The Gatsby Mansion for a night  to remember.

18 stellar designers
Fabulous exclusive designs
30 talented models

Join us for a fashion production that will leave you wanting more!

March 22  12pm
March 23  4pm
March 30  12pm

Please arrive early as the seating is limited for each show.

**Exclusives go on sale immediatly following the first show!.

Gatsby Texture Invite

Here’s your TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stereotype/90/115/26


7 Years of Virtual Life

Time flies, doesn’t it?

If someone would have told me 7 years ago, when I first logged into Second LIfe, what kinds of adventures I’d find there, how many wonderful friends I would meet there and that I would still be active after 7 years, I would have just laughed.

When creating my account, being a total newbie to 3D games, I had no idea what SL was about. I had just read an article on a newspaper and decided to check it out. My first weeks I spent exploring, admiring and learning about everything that SL was back then. Soon I found fashion and the awesome shopping options that SL had to offer. Later on came modelling to be a part of my life and here we are, still walking on that path even if RL tends to keep me kinda busy.

Brigid Meriman Face 201302 1024I want to thank all the lovely people who have been sharing their second life with me. Without you this world would be boring and grey. Hugs to each and everyone of you. 🙂

Best greetings,

Autumn at Ramblas by The Collective


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A while ago The Collective presented a show with beautiful, casual designs from designers of Gaall and MEB. The runway was built in the style of the Ramblas, a famous shopping street in Barcelona. Since Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in world, I was thrilled to walk in this show.

My first outfit was a cute mini skirt with a corset from Gaall. Since it was a chilly autumn evening I added boots and a bolero to my styling.

Ramblas Gaall 1 v1 smallHere’s my styling info:
– Belle eopque corset and  skirt in wine by GAALL
– Hair toffsy in red by Adoness
– Free Spirit bolero jacket in black by U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs
– Nail palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Docka lace panty  in peach/nude pink by {Lily Bird}
– Low cut pantyhose in chocolate by Battered Boudoir
– Curvaceous boots in black by [Gos]

Ramblas Gaall 1 v2 smallMy second outfit was also from GAALL, the elegant Lua jumpsuit.

Ramblas Gaall 2 v1 smallThis stylish jumpsuit has wide cufss and a belt on the waist. It’s a perfect outfit to get dressed in a night at the theather.

Ramblas Gaall 2 v2 smallStyling info:
– Lua jumpsuit in polkadot by GAALL
– Jess hair by Raspberry
– Pearl necklace in black by Maxi Gossamer
– Ashens black pearl earrings and bracelet by Stars!
– Nail palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Grace sandals in mirror by [Gos]

Ramblas Gaall 2 v3 smallPhotos in this post are taken by Fjorester Wardark, thank you Fjor.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Shop Till You Drop by Ever Dream


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The Ever Dream Modelling Agency organised a Christmas Shopping fashion show at Zuri Rayna’s Jewels Isle sim. A lot of designers that have shops in that sim participated as sponsors for this elegant show. Now I wish to present my outfits for you.

My outifts were from two designers; Marianela’s Art in Fashion and Poet’s Heart. All jewelry in the show was sponsored by Zuri Jewelry, hair by Amacci and flowers by NSP Florals.

Marianela v1 small

My first outfit was the Melisa 01 mesh jacket and pants by Marianela. To create a bit more of a romantic look (after all I was going out for a date right after work), I combined a white lace shirt from Marianela’s Melisa 02 outfit.

Irina Strazytski wrote an amazing script for the show and I decided to borrow some quotes of it:
“Serenity almost run Brigid over when she saw a chic pink dress at the window of Sascha’s and she just had to have it, not for the Eiffel Tower, but there’s bound to be something in Paris to wear it for, because there’s always something in Paris which requires dressing up. Brigid on the other hand, kept going back to Marianela’s window again and again, because there was this perfect suit for casual Friday’s at work, and finally, encouraged by Serenity, she went in and bought it.”

Marianela v2 smallStyling info:- Jacket and pants: Melisa 01 by Marianela’s Art in Fashion
– White lace shirt: Melisa 02 by Marianela’s Art in Fashion
– Jewelry: Fleur Onyx Sterling Pendant by Zuri’s Jewelry
– Hair: Malia in nutmeg by Amacci
– Hair flower: Unisex two rose boutonniere hair piece in blood and ashes by NSP Florals
– Flower in hand: Zuri’s perfect black rose by NSP Florals
– Socks: Solid thigh-highs in charcoal by Shiny Things
– Heels: Coquette in black by N-core

Marianela v3 smallMy  second outfit was the Aurora gown by Poet’s Heart.

Poet1 v1 small

Here’s another quote from the entertaining show script:
“Serenity and Brigid had decided to stop to grab a little snack at the small stand which sold the most delicious pancakes in all New York. Serenity was fussing about her trip to Paris, and even more she was fussing about having to introduce her French fiancé to her parents in Christmas. No man was simply good enough, not even decent enough, according to Mr. and Mrs. Couerblanc, and Serenity had no intentions of letting go of the Frenchman just to please her parents.
Brigid listened silently, feeling a touch of loneliness in her heart, for her plan to stay the holidays in her small, comfy apartment in Brooklyn now seemed not so good idea. At least she had managed to secure tickets to a concert starring many famous names on Broadway, although she needed something to wear.
The ladies made their way to Son!a and Serenity found the perfect gown, which would both please her fiancé’s eye and shock her uptight parents, for the Christmas dinner. Brigid, on the other hand, spotted her Broadway wear at the window of Poet’s Heart.”

Poet1 v3 smallStyling info:
– Gown: Aurora in volcanic by Poet’s Heart
– Jewelry: Sarah necklace and earrings in fire ruby & gold by Zuri Jewelry
– Hair: Maria in brown sugar by Amacci
– Hair flower: Red rose & scarlet pearls head piece by NSP Florals
– Heels: Siena by Similar Italian Footwear

Poet1 v2 small

My third outfit was also from the Poet’s Heart, a beautiful gown called Reverie.

Poet2 v1 smallHere’s one more quote from the hillarious show script:
“Serenity was still lacking the perfect gown for New Years festivities in Paris, so she and Brigid headed to Tres Beau. Serenity picked various fabulous outfits and disappeared into the changing room. Brigid sighed softly when she heard a pleasant voice “Excuse me, miss?”. She turned to face a dark and handsome stranger who was carrying three suits, a puzzled expression on his face. He proceeded into explaining that he was going to a special Christmas concert on Broadway, but he wasn’t all too certain which suit to wear.
 Brigid’s sombreness vanished. If there was something she loved, it was Broadway, and soon the two were chatting away not only of the special concert where both of them were going, but also about the other most recent productions, and a few scandals which inevitably raise their head every now and then. So engaged in the conversation was she, that Serenity had to shout out her name aloud, to drag her attention to the gown, which was just perfect for Paris.
The handsome stranger kissed Brigid’s hand in goodbye and expressed a wish to continue the conversation after the concert. Brigid’s mind was flying up so high in the clouds that she failed to notice Theta and Trinity who walked past the store just when she and Serenity were stepping out.”

Poet2 v2 small

Styling info:
– Gown: Reverie in dusk by Poet’s Heart
– Jewelry: Hummingbird Song 2 by Zuri Jewelry
– Hair: Estra in wheat blond by Amacci
– Hair flower: Couture in bloom white calla & lavender orchids by NSP Florals
– Wrist corsage: Gardenia white lace wrist corsage by NSP Florals

Poet2 v3 small

Photos in this post are taken by Fjorester Wardark. Thank you Fjor! 🙂

It was a pleasure to work on this beautiful show, so I also wish to give my biggest thanks to all the talented designers and to the Ever Dream Modelling Agency. 🙂

Christmas at LaVie


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The cutest Christmas Wonderland has been built at the LaVie sim this year. They have Santa’s house, bakery and workshop – and there is an ice rink too.

Let us go now and experience the joy and wonder of this amazing place!

LaVie v4 smallThese little elves work hard in their workshop. Look at all these doll houses, rocking horses and other delightful toys they are building. 🙂

LaVie v6 smallUmm, I wonder if they’d expect me to offer a helping hand… Maybe if I just stand here looking into the other direction and pretend to be deep in thought then I can sneak out.

LaVie v5 small

Well, let’s enter the bakery next. Look at those cute gingerbread houses, but also – what a mess with flour all over the floor…

LaVie v3 smallI’d like to have a taste of what they are baking. If I just sit here looking tired, maybe Mrs. Santa shall give me a cookie.

LaVie v9 smallI found the elves’ bedroom. Look at what comfy beds they have! 😀

LaVie v7 smallThey must have been really kind, so many gifts under the beautiful Christmas tree.

LaVie v10 smallThe table has already been set. Soon, when all the gifts have been delivered around the world, it is time for delicious Christmas dinner. 🙂

LaVie v11 smallMy styling info.
– Hat & Jacket: Santa set by [BUKKA]
– Hair: Kimmi (modified) by .ILLUSORY.
– Shirt: Jeweled Sweater Dress in red by ::MYTH::
– Nails: Advent set in Gifts by Nailed it
– Skirt: Luca Dress in burgundy by Mimikri
– Pantyhose: Boudoir Legs in Opaque Black by Battered Boudoir
– Shoes: Moscow Boots in Santa Red by Redgrave

Wanna see it yourself? Here’s the landmark.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

LaVie v8 smallPhotos in this post have been taken by Brigid Meriman.

Christmas Shoppings Fashion Show by Ever Dream and Zuri Rayna Jewelry


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Ever Dream and Zuri Rayna Jewelry present Christmas Shoppings Fashion Show at Jewel’s Isle.

Show date is 8th December, as 12 Noon SLT.
LM to the landing area (take TP up to the runway): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25

Christmas Shopping Show Invite“It was a cold December evening, the stars had started to twinkle in the sky, sparkling in competition with the street lamps and christmas decorations. Our 8 friends had just finished their trip into town and were meeting up at Old Tom’s for a cup of Irish coffee and hot chocolate which no doubt later would be followed up by a Martini or maybe a Cointreau, ready to share all their wondrous finds.”

Welcome! 🙂

A Spooky Ride Through The Haunted Mansion


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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their Halloween shows, Opium Evolution built up a mansion full of rooms with different scenes this year.

Here is where it all started, the landing area with booths for all designers participating in the show. To reduce lag, the audience was asked to wear an alpha layer with glowing eyes, it was spooky. When the show time was at hand we started a stroll through a dark forest towards the mansion.

Haunted House v1 small

We arrived at the mansion and gathered in a room with our hostess, Anastacia Markova.

Haunted House v2 small

All on board, let’s ride!

Haunted House v3 small

We travelled through a series of scenes. From a dangerous fairy forest (see the dead man)…

Haunted House v4 small

To a dreadful wedding…

Haunted House v5 small

To a mad scientist’s laboratory…

Haunted House v6 small

To a couture gallery…

Haunted House v7 small

To a ballet scene from Swan Lake…

Haunted House v8 small

To where the little girl walked out of the telly and started to kill the audience… Let’s get our of here quick!

Haunted House v9 small

Hmm, this scene leaves me speechless…

Haunted House v10 small

Captain Jack Sparrow, I take it?

Haunted House v11 small

Let’s cut some beard, oh, but we need to make the meat pies too…

Haunted House v12 small

Go girl go, you can do it!

Haunted House v13 small

There were many other scenes in the show too (I think in total 32), but being such a sensitive person some of them were just too bloody scary for me to publish here.

Haunted House v14 small

Thank you everybody for this cool ride!

Last chance to see the show is today, Sunday November 3rd at 4pm.

Photos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.

Fairy Dreams


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the most beautiful fashion show that I’ve seen for quite a while. It was the “Once Upon a Dream” show by the Ever Dream Modelling Agency. This was their very first show and what an amazing scene they had built! Here are pics of some of the show’s highlights!

Just look at the beautiful stage.

Once Upon a Dream v1 smallWow what a cat lady.

Once Upon a Dream v2Let the fairy dance begin!

Once Upon a Dream v3You better watch after your back with this fellow around.

Once Upon a Dream v4

Omg, now the ball’s getting really dangerous for some… how brutal!

Once Upon a Dream v5Designs by Junbug, Cerridwen’s Cauldron and Zuri Jewelry.

Photos in this post by Brigid Meriman.

Once Upon a Dream show by Ever Dream Modelling Agency


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On Saturday October 19th the Ever Dream Modelling Agency will present a “Once Upon a Dream” show featuring designs by Junbug, Cerridwen’s Cauldron and Zuri Jewelry.

The show times are 6 AM SLT and 4 PM SLT.

Junbug show invitation, 19th October 2013 6am and 4pm

Landmark to the show: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Village%20of%20Fantasy/105/62/2702

You are warmly welcome to join the audience!

New Subscriber Gift from Smesh


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You know how it sometimes it happens that you find clothing that is really “you”.The new subscriber gift from Smesh was a crush at first sight for me. I saw a picture of this dress in facebook and immediately ran into the store to get it.

Smesh GroupGIft v4 smallI absolutely love the blue and silver colours in this dress and also the cut of it. I created this styling for a visit to friend’s house in Tuscany. It fit perfectly for the cool autumn afternoon.

Smesh GroupGIft v1 smallStyling info:
– Gift Mesh Dress to Subscribers by !!smesh
– Hair Rumor in warm blonde 06 by elikatira
– Falling Leaves earrings and bracelet in frost colour by EarthStones
– Palette 1 medium nails by Mandala
– Bag Legends Never Die by tulip.
– Grace sandals in mirror colours by [Gos] Boutique

Smesh GroupGIft v2 small

Ready for the afternoon espresso party, enjoy! 🙂

Smesh GroupGIft v3 small

Photos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.