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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their Halloween shows, Opium Evolution built up a mansion full of rooms with different scenes this year.

Here is where it all started, the landing area with booths for all designers participating in the show. To reduce lag, the audience was asked to wear an alpha layer with glowing eyes, it was spooky. When the show time was at hand we started a stroll through a dark forest towards the mansion.

Haunted House v1 small

We arrived at the mansion and gathered in a room with our hostess, Anastacia Markova.

Haunted House v2 small

All on board, let’s ride!

Haunted House v3 small

We travelled through a series of scenes. From a dangerous fairy forest (see the dead man)…

Haunted House v4 small

To a dreadful wedding…

Haunted House v5 small

To a mad scientist’s laboratory…

Haunted House v6 small

To a couture gallery…

Haunted House v7 small

To a ballet scene from Swan Lake…

Haunted House v8 small

To where the little girl walked out of the telly and started to kill the audience… Let’s get our of here quick!

Haunted House v9 small

Hmm, this scene leaves me speechless…

Haunted House v10 small

Captain Jack Sparrow, I take it?

Haunted House v11 small

Let’s cut some beard, oh, but we need to make the meat pies too…

Haunted House v12 small

Go girl go, you can do it!

Haunted House v13 small

There were many other scenes in the show too (I think in total 32), but being such a sensitive person some of them were just too bloody scary for me to publish here.

Haunted House v14 small

Thank you everybody for this cool ride!

Last chance to see the show is today, Sunday November 3rd at 4pm.

Photos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.