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The cutest Christmas Wonderland has been built at the LaVie sim this year. They have Santa’s house, bakery and workshop – and there is an ice rink too.

Let us go now and experience the joy and wonder of this amazing place!

LaVie v4 smallThese little elves work hard in their workshop. Look at all these doll houses, rocking horses and other delightful toys they are building. 🙂

LaVie v6 smallUmm, I wonder if they’d expect me to offer a helping hand… Maybe if I just stand here looking into the other direction and pretend to be deep in thought then I can sneak out.

LaVie v5 small

Well, let’s enter the bakery next. Look at those cute gingerbread houses, but also – what a mess with flour all over the floor…

LaVie v3 smallI’d like to have a taste of what they are baking. If I just sit here looking tired, maybe Mrs. Santa shall give me a cookie.

LaVie v9 smallI found the elves’ bedroom. Look at what comfy beds they have! 😀

LaVie v7 smallThey must have been really kind, so many gifts under the beautiful Christmas tree.

LaVie v10 smallThe table has already been set. Soon, when all the gifts have been delivered around the world, it is time for delicious Christmas dinner. 🙂

LaVie v11 smallMy styling info.
– Hat & Jacket: Santa set by [BUKKA]
– Hair: Kimmi (modified) by .ILLUSORY.
– Shirt: Jeweled Sweater Dress in red by ::MYTH::
– Nails: Advent set in Gifts by Nailed it
– Skirt: Luca Dress in burgundy by Mimikri
– Pantyhose: Boudoir Legs in Opaque Black by Battered Boudoir
– Shoes: Moscow Boots in Santa Red by Redgrave

Wanna see it yourself? Here’s the landmark.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

LaVie v8 smallPhotos in this post have been taken by Brigid Meriman.