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A while ago The Collective presented a show with beautiful, casual designs from designers of Gaall and MEB. The runway was built in the style of the Ramblas, a famous shopping street in Barcelona. Since Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in world, I was thrilled to walk in this show.

My first outfit was a cute mini skirt with a corset from Gaall. Since it was a chilly autumn evening I added boots and a bolero to my styling.

Ramblas Gaall 1 v1 smallHere’s my styling info:
– Belle eopque corset and  skirt in wine by GAALL
– Hair toffsy in red by Adoness
– Free Spirit bolero jacket in black by U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs
– Nail palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Docka lace panty  in peach/nude pink by {Lily Bird}
– Low cut pantyhose in chocolate by Battered Boudoir
– Curvaceous boots in black by [Gos]

Ramblas Gaall 1 v2 smallMy second outfit was also from GAALL, the elegant Lua jumpsuit.

Ramblas Gaall 2 v1 smallThis stylish jumpsuit has wide cufss and a belt on the waist. It’s a perfect outfit to get dressed in a night at the theather.

Ramblas Gaall 2 v2 smallStyling info:
– Lua jumpsuit in polkadot by GAALL
– Jess hair by Raspberry
– Pearl necklace in black by Maxi Gossamer
– Ashens black pearl earrings and bracelet by Stars!
– Nail palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Grace sandals in mirror by [Gos]

Ramblas Gaall 2 v3 smallPhotos in this post are taken by Fjorester Wardark, thank you Fjor.

Happy New Year! 🙂