Get ready – for the Haunted Mansion by Opium Evolution


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Opiums Haunted Mansion Invite

Coming soon… Boo!



A Jaunt in Paris


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On a shopping round, I found this beautiful outfit. It is casual, yet luxurious.

Indyra Native Fox v2 smallStyling info:
– Native Fox Set in gold & Bronze by Indyra Originals
– Tracy hair in cinnamon by Calico Ingmann Creations
– Glam Warrior earrings in gold by Indy&CO
– Hapa bangle in bronze by Indy&CO
– Nail palette 1 medium by Mandala
– Frenzy Banana pumps in tawny by Maitreya
– Sim: Paris Eiffel

Indyra Native Fox v1 small

What a lovely evening for a little walk on the streets of Paris.

Indyra Native Fox v3 smallPhotos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.

Tribute to James Bond Show by The Collective


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The Collective organised a fashion show as a tribute to 50 years of James Bond. The venue was built in the spirit of the opening scene of the movie GoldenEye –  a Soviet chemical weapons facility.

Collective Bond Show Venue small

In this show all the Bond girls strolled down the runway to greet their dear agent 007. I had the pleasure of playing two of these roles; Honey Rider and Teresa Di Vincenzo.

The show was hosted by Mr. Bond himself, together with Miss Moneypenny. I have borrowed parts of the show’s script for this post. Here we go!

James Bond: “Lets start with Honey Rider… yes I remember her… I met her on the beach in this sexy white bikini. Dr. No’s mens caught us and brought us to his mansion. Our awesome DJane Belice is wearing right this white bikini out of the hand of SHINE tonight.”
Miss Moneypenny: “Yes James and luckily she stayed alive and could wear her dress from Saschas Designs for you…”

TC Bond Honey v2 small

Styling info:
– Honey Rider dress by Sascha’s Designs
– Fire to the Rain hair by Exile
– Nail palette 1 medium by Mandala
– Melinda T-Strap show in mistyrose by L’Emporio di Bru

TC Bond Honey v1 small

Oh those golden memories, but the show must go on…

Miss Moneypenny: “Now we come to the only Lady you ever married in your career but it shows how dangerous it is to be with you.”
James Bond: “Teresa di Vincenzo… Tracy… From On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Yes it was a hard part and I fell in love as I saw her in her stunning dress from Ghee.”
James Bond: “She was killed shortly after the wedding by a drive by shooting.”
Miss Moneypenny: “Yes James and she gave her life again to save you.”

TC Bond Teresa v2

Styling info:
– Teresa outfit by ~ghee~
– Midori hair by Truth
– Docka Lace strapless bra and panty in peach/nude pink by Lily Bird
– Nail palette 1 medium by Mandala
– Classics heels by Shiny Things

TC Bond Teresa v1 small

What I totally loved about the set was that on both sides of the runway models waiting for their turn were dancing in black bubbles – just like in the intro of each Bond movie.

Collective Bond Show 1

The first and last photo are taken by Brigid Meriman, the rest of the photos are taken by Fjorester Wardark. Thank you Fjor!

Shine by [ZD] at the Designer Showcase


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The Designer Showcase event for October 2013 is full of beautiful designs. One of them is the Alegra Mesh Moto Jacket by Shine by [ZD].Shine Alegra Jacket v1 small

The darkness of autumn is falling quickly, so I wanted to have some bright yellow colour with this stylish jacket.

Shine Alegra Jacket v4 small

Here is the styling info:
– Alegra Mesh Moto Jacket with grey fur by Shine by [ZD]
– Bean hair by ~Tableau Vivant~ (from Collabor88)
– Klay mesh collar in white by OPOPOP
– Low Neck Tee in lemon by Izzie’s
– Anne nails with ring by MDD Salon
– Folded leather clutch in grey by ISON (from Collabor88)
– Fanceh pants in maize by Schadenfreude (from Collabor88)
– Coquette shoes in black by N-core
– Location: Cupcake sim

Shine Alegra Jacket v2 small

Oops, I wonder if the truck driver would give me a lift to the uni… I don’t wanna be late to class after all this goofing around and shopping!

The current Designer Showcase Sale lasts until October 28th 2013, so you still have plenty of time to shop! 🙂 Landmark to Designer Showcase 

Shine Alegra Jacket at Designer Showcase

Photos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.

Then after her comes smiling May


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“In a more rich and sweet array”, as Robert Herrick writes in one of his poems.

This beautiful, yet subtle dress from the Shine by [ZD]  makes me feel like a nymph meandering on a forest path in the sunny days of late Spring.

Shine Lilac v3 smallHere is the styling info:
– Dress: Mesh Ruffled Collar Minidress by Shine by [ZD]
– Hair: Finya by EMO-tions
– Nails: Female Nail Palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Heels: Celina shoes by Redgrave

Shine Lilac v6 smallThis dress is even made in lilac, my favourite colour, so how could I not love it! 🙂

Enjoy the last lovely Spring days to the most!

Shine Lilac v2 smallPhotos in this post are taken by Brigid Meriman.

The Collective Opening Show


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On April 10th 2013 was the opening show to launch The Collective’s new office and shopping dictrict. In the shopping area you can find designs from ~ghee~, JLB Apparel, Smesh and Shine by [ZD].

I had the pleasure to walk in the opening show and here are my stylings.

Briju Smesh 1

My first outift was the lovely summer top and mini skirt from Smesh.

Briju Smesh 2

Styling info:
– Shirt: Mesh Tank Top in cranberry by Smesh
– Skirt: Mesh Leather Mini Skirt by Smesh
– Hair: Havana by Truth
– Necklace: Crest of Lily in silver by M.R.M. FACTORY
– Bracelet: Damasc Combo 3 Bangles in silver by Maxi Gossamer
– Nails: Female Nail Palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Pumps: Firenze shoes in pink by Similar Italian Footwear

Briju Smesh 3 small fixed

Can’t wait for summer to arrive so that I can go out to the beach!

Briju Shine 1 small

My second outfit was the classy dress with a touch of retro from Shine by [ZD].

Briju Shine 2

Styling info:
– Dress: Short Mesh Shift Dress classy black-white by Shine by [ZD]
– Hair: Brigitte by Wasabi Pills
– Bracelets: Tahta in black by Jasha
– Nails: Female Nail Palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Pumps: Verona Shoes in black leather by Similar Italian Footwear

Briju Shine 3

I have already been shopping, going to clubs and to art gallery in this dress and it works perfect everywhere. 🙂

Briju ghee 1

My third dress was the stunning Elemental gown “Water” by ~ghee~.

Styling info:
– Dress: Water from the Elemental Gown Series by ~ghee~
– Hair: Sassy 2 by Truth
– Earrings: Laetitia in blue by Finesmith
– Nails: Female Nail Palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Shoes: Diva Dutchess Heels by Bootgasm

I have written a full post about this gown. Here is the link: Water – The Necessity of Life

Briju ghee 2

Photos in this post are taken by Fjorester Wardark, thank you!

Spring 2013 with Morea Style


I had the pleasure to watch the Morea Style show at the recent Milan Fashion Week organised by Solo Evane.

Here is the description of Morea Style spoken by the show director and host Genevieve Kamala:
“Morea Style, on the grid for almost 6 years, is well known for the excellence of its designs, the elegance of forms and the incomparable quality and choice of colors.
Originality, quality and exclusivity are priorities for Morea, a woman with a very special skill in creating true fashion masterpieces.
Each season Morea combines the actual trend with the tastes and expectations of customers, and this contributes to the success of her style that is always  sophisticated and elegant and with that extra “touch” of sensuality present in every creation, this makes each garment perfect to the final  detail , so that every  woman desires it in her closet.
Morea, like the finest French couturiers, understands women’s need to feel sexy and their need to feel the contact of light sensual fabrics against their skins. She also recognizes that a woman needs different looks for different occasions, so her range is extremely varied.
Cocktail dresses, ball gowns and pant suits are always featured in her fashion creations, all carrying the same marking of sensual elegance and beauty. As you will see today, we will go across all different occasions, giving a new twist to the word urban or casual…
All the women of SL aim to own at least  one of  Morea Style  creations because  every single piece of Morea Style means  perfection, elegance, sensuality, charm and  always an incredible style and love for details.  This collection will put a spell on you and I am sure you will simply adore every single piece you are going to see today on our catwalk!”

I’ve been a great fan of Morea’s designs for many years, so I completely agree with Genevieve!Morea Style 1 Shena Neox

The Inspiration Galliano gown (model Shena Neox).

Morea Style 2 Shena Neox & Genevieve Kamala

The Inspiration Galliano gown (Shena Neox) and the Elena dress (Genevieve Kamala).

Morea Style 3 Payton Heron

The Dakota dress (Payton Heron).

Morea Style 4 Kim Rongyu

The Lois dress (Kim Rongyu).

Morea Style 5 Kim Rongyu

So beautiful.

Morea Style 5 Laci Rossini

La Plume Noir (Laci Rossini).

Morea Style 6 Yeriakth Couturier

The Sloane dress (Yeriakth Couturier).

Morea Style 7 Kim Rongyu

The Ingrid dress (Kim Rongyu).

Morea Style 8 Federica Galtier

The Stardust dress (Federica Galtier).

Morea Style 9 Federica Galtier

Being a vintage lover the Stardust dress was one of my favourites in the show.

Morea Style 10 Payton Heron

The Caroline gown (Payton Heron).

Morea Style 11 Federica Galtier

The Barbara dress (Federica Galtier).

Morea Style 12 Laci Rossini

The Celeste dress (Laci Rossini).

Morea Style 13 Kimo Rongyu

The Sheynne outfit (Kim Rongyu).

The following designs are the Milan Fashion Week exclusive collection by Morea style.

Morea Style 14 Yeriakth Couturier

The Tatiana pants with an off shoulder top and a mini skirt with a short tail (Yeriakth Couturier).

Morea Style 15 Payton Heron

The Tatiana skirt version (Payton Heron).

Morea Style 16 Laci Rossini

The Cyndie white outfit (Laci Rossini).

Morea Style 17 Federica Galtier

The Cyndie black outfit (Federica Galtier).

The Cyndie outfits (both black and white)  were also my favorites. I can totally see myself going out to dance in a club wearing them!

Morea Style 19 Kim Rongyu

The Stephanie dress (Kim Rongyu).

Morea Style 18 Kimo Rongyu

Such a romantic look!

Morea Style 20 Laci Rossini

The Aurore Light dress (Laci Rossini).

Morea Style 21 Yeriakth Couturier

The Aurore black dress (Yeriakth Couturier).

Morea Style 22 Federica Galtier

The Carole gown (Federica Galtier).

Morea Style 23 Shena Neox

The Valentine red dress (Shena Neox).

Wonderful designs, thank your Morea Decosta for creating them!

Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld


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The Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 collection for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld inspired me to create this styling.

Karl Lagerfeld 1 smallI loved how models were walking in a forest scene in his show, so I decided to use a similar background for my pictures. Here is a link to the source of my inspiration.

Karl Lagerfeld 2 face smallStyling info from head to toe:
– Hat: Miah in black by Bliss Couture
– Hair: WMO003 in chestnut by booN
– Hairbase tattoo by Amacci
– Earrings: Brilliant Cut Diamond in platinum by Ryca Jewelry
– Eye makeup: Swirly Girl Style 1 in black by Roxiz Makeupz
– Blush: Rosy cheeks 3 by Tuli- Lovely coat by Vita’s Boudoir
– Front Knot Shirt in cream by Aoharu
– Bracelet: Floral-bs bangle by WTG
– Nails by Page 3
– Skirt: Ava Pencil Skirt in black by J.H. Couture
– Boots: Pumps with Benefits in earthsnake by Chain and Vine
– Background: Dark Forest by AliraKarl Lagerfeld 4 small

Model and photographer Brigid Meriman.

LIV-Glam Designs on the Catwalk


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Some time ago The Collective made a fashion show with astonishing designs from the LIV-Glam store. Here are my stylings for that show.

Liv-Glam 1 v1My first dress was the Wren Noir Slip dress from the Winter 2012 collection. Don’t you just love that big red bow?

Liv-Glam 1 v2 small

Here is my styling info:
– Dress: Wren Noir Slip dress by LIV-Glam
– Shoes: Clement Pumps by LIV-Glam
– Hair: Madeline by Truth
– Nails by Page 3

Liv-Glam 1 v3 small

The pictures above are taken by Fjorester Wardark.

LIV-Glam 2 v1 smallMy next outfit was the Auclair Vintage outfit bodice and the Nicolau Vintage Shorts from the Winter 2012 collection. The Stella Palladium studded boots are also from the same collection – aren’t they cool!

I took these pics afterwards, but styling and poses are the same that I used in the show.

LIV-Glam 2 v2 smallStyling info:- Shirt: Auclair Vintage outfit bodice by LIV-Glam
– Pants: Nicolau Vintage Shorts by LIV-Glam
– Shoes: Stella Palladium Stud Boots by LIV-Glam
– Hair: Jadore by Loovus Dzevavor
– Jewelry: Madrah set by Maxi Gossamer
– Nails by Page 3
– Pantyhose: Boudoir legs in fair by Battered Boudoir
LIV-Glam 2 v3 smallPictures above are taken by Brigid Meriman.

Liv-Glam 3 v1 small

My last outfit was the amazing Unique dress from the Winter 2012 collection. This is a perfect dress for a night out!

Liv-Glam 3 v2 smallStyling info:- Dress: Unique dress by LIV-Glam
– Shoes: Eclipse Open-Toe Pumps by LIV-Glam (from the Fall 2012 collection)
– Hair: Havana with roots by Truth
– Bracelets: Boho bangles in laquered etched silver by Maxi Gossamer
– Nails by Page 3

Liv-Glam 3 v3 smallThe pictures above were taken by Fjorester Wardark. Thank you Fjor! 🙂

Water – the necessity for life


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The beautiful elemental gown from ~ghee~ inspired me to think about the value of water for all life. I made this styling and took pictures to show the contrast of the dry planet and the lovely light blue colour of water and accessories in the same spirit.

Water Elemental by ghee

Styling info:
– Dress: Water from the Elemental Gown Series by ~ghee~
– Tiara: Ice tiara by Whim Garden
– Hair: Sassy 2 by Truth
– Eye makeup: Eyeshadows Blue 01 by LCDesiGns
– Face mask: Painted/DreamWarrior by {Rue}
– Earrings: Laetitia in blue by Finesmith
– Armband: Holotattoo armband white by [sYs]
– Tattoo: Holotattoo arm – tribe by [sYs]
– Nails: Female Nail Palette 1 Medium by Mandala
– Shoes: Diva Dutchess Heels by Bootgasm

– Pose by Manifeste
– Background picture by KaTink
– DryEarth Holo-Globe_CMT by Forest Valley

Water Elemental by ghee

Model and photographer: Brigid Meriman